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October 26, 2015
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October 26, 2015

Making Your Day More Effective With Patience

How much happier, less stressful and more effective is your day when patience is woven throughout? Here are some simple yet significant ways you can make a difference in your day and in those around you.

In the morning rush with kids, take a moment to wait for one child to tie his shoe and the other to zip her backpack before leaving. Instead of feeling hurried, your children will probably skip to the car with a sense of accomplishment because of that extra minute. If your child wants to tell you one more detail about what happened with the school science experiment explosion while you’re reading your emails – stop and tune in. Your child will feel heard, and esteemed, and you’ll probably get a good laugh together. When your child wants to read something out loud to you again, listen – and watch the pride and excitement in her face.

Outside of home, it’s also easy to practice and model everyday patience. In traffic, be tolerant if the driver ahead waits a moment to accelerate after the light turns green. No need to honk, it’s just a blip in your day. If you and another shopper get to the check-out lane at the same time, let him go first. It feels good to let your thoughts drift for a moment – and know that you’ve made someone’s day by making this gesture. If the elevator at work doesn’t lift as fast as you’d like, welcome one of the few breathers you’ll probably get during your workday. If your co-worker takes longer than you’d like practicing his speech in front of you, don’t interrupt. Your taking the time will be much appreciated and highly valued.

Now, add up these few minutes. See how much happier, less stressful and more effective your day is? Everyday etiquette and everyday kindness positively affect your day and those around you. Have a wonderful one.