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October 26, 2015
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October 26, 2015

4 Simple Gestures Of Everyday Kindness

Small gestures of kindness can make a big impact in someone’s day. Here are four “opportunities” throughout your day to practice everyday kindness:

Good Morning. Hello. Acknowledge others. Put down or close your device, and greet your family members, teachers, co-workers, carpool kids, neighbors and committee members with at the very least a “good morning.” Don’t give a blank stare, be silent, or act like you didn’t see someone. Say “good morning” in your first few emails, texts, phone calls and other first correspondence of the day. Offer the first “hello” in the hallway, classroom, conference room or elevator. These gestures acknowledge others, show graciousness, and are day brighteners.

Please go first. When you’re at the four-way stop and pedestrians are waiting, gesture to the pedestrians to please go first. If you arrive at the lunch line or ticket line at the same time as someone else, gesture for the other person to go first. If you’re getting into the elevator, always gesture for those in the elevator to come out first. You’re not only being kind, you’re being courteous and polite.

Would you like to join me/us? Invite the new employee in the office to join you at lunch. Ask a student who’s sitting by herself at recess to join your group. Invite a new family at school to join you and your family at the back to school fair. Kindness conveys thoughtfulness, warmth of heart and compassion.

Hold the door for the person in front of or behind you. That mom with a stroller and a toddler holding her hand needs help getting through the double doors – whether you’re behind or in front of her, hold the door open. If an elderly person or someone with a cane is going to the door, please get it for him first. In a crowded elevator, hold the door for those coming in or out. If you’re walking out of the mall, glance behind you and hold the door for the next person. When you take a moment to show kindness and consideration, you’re showing others you care about them and their well-being.

Pass on everyday kindness – it’s an easy way to make a positive impact.