Daily Protocol in Sacramento delivers on-site and virtual custom etiquette workshops for companies, professionals, (both experienced and new) college students and adults seeking expertise in soft skills (including evolving pandemic etiquette), image, career transition, digital communication, business dining etiquette and finessed business protocols.





Grow Your Business From The Inside Out

“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.” – Jack Welch

Soft skills, professional polish and how you treat others affect customer relationships, office environment, productivity, company reputation, and ultimately your bottom line. Our Professional Development Workshops empower you and your employees with the edge that grows your business from the inside out.

Professional Development workshops can include: Meetings Best Practices (internal, client facing, in-person and virtual); Event Networking; A Polished Wardrobe; Digital and Written Communication (both internal and external); Astute Business Dining; Interpersonal Communication (Conversation Strategies, The Art of Small Talk, Non-Verbal/Verbal Cues, Active Listening, Respect & Empathy for All); and Company and Client Relationship Building.

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Beyond The Written Presentation: Presenting Yourself

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As you’re closing in on college, community or trade school graduation and/or making the campus career fair rounds, you realize it takes more than a polished and perfect resume and good grades to get through the process. You need personal finesse in social graces and interpersonal skills - for both in-person and online professional settings.

Learn how to present and distinguish yourself from the other candidates, and get the offer of your dreams through our College And Young Professionals' Personal Finesse Workshops. The hands-on engaging workshop includes: Poise, Posture And Grace; The Art Of Meeting, Greeting And Networking With Business Owners And Executives (on-site and virtual); Voice And Body Language Nuances; Wardrobe And Personal Image; Business Dining Etiquette; Expressing Gratitude; and Gracious Follow-Up.

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Daily Essentials

“Please and thank you are still magic words, no matter how old you are.”

Feeling confident with your personal image underscores self-reliance and social ease in any setting. Our Personal Coaching programs are for those who’d like to: polish their overall soft skills toolbox; sharpen their personal image in-person or online; finesse image/soft skills for a hybrid or in-person work space; or return to the workforce after a hiatus.

Via virtual or in-person training, these soft skills sessions can include: Introduction Essentials (including evolving pandemic etiquette); The Art of Small Talk (in-person and virtual); Personal Polish; Conversation Strategies; Interpersonal Communication (Verbal/Non Verbal Cues, Active Listening, Discretion/Tact, Apologies, Respect & Empathy for Others); Networking (in-person, online, nuances for introverts) and Building Rapport; Astute Dining Etiquette; and Personal Poise, Style And Appearance.

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