Professional Development

“Daily Protocol helped me take our dental practice Process and Quality Improvement to another level by helping us strategize how we communicate and disseminate practice goals and objectives inline with our mission statement. Daily Protocol provided relevant tools at our fingertips."

"The training on etiquette was conducted at my pace, Angie took the time to develop and explore different communication platforms, and she explained and outlined the benefits of each of them step by step. Angie was very open to us picking the right platform that worked best for our dental care practice. The proposal to develop and conduct virtual meetings via an interactive interface has made meetings and in-service experiences much easier, richer, precise, and informative.”

“Our team truly enjoyed themselves, and I myself feel better equipped to put my best foot forward in business as well as life. Have a great year, and best wishes!"

“Angie, thank you for taking my team to the next level! It was a great day of learning and a lot of fun. We'll all be working on our business dining, networking and interpersonal communication skills. The activities were a great way to learn, and kept our team engaged the whole session."

“I have a mission and a vision. I have a business plan and a marketing plan. I know how to finely dine, and how to dress for success. I understand how to network on so many levels with my new elevator pitch. I have so many new goals and I'm so excited to begin reaching each one. You have been amazing, and I truly enjoy sharing this exciting time of starting my new business with you. Thank you!"

“I would like to thank you once again for your wonderful presentation! All students were engaged, and are now ready to start networking at the upcoming career fairs, and will be able to confidently dine as a professional accordingly. My skills were enhanced as well!”

“Hi Angie, We have thoroughly enjoyed our Professional Development and Business Dining Etiquette series with you. Our team looked forward to each segment, practiced as a group and we will be utilizing these skills in our internal and external business practices. Thanks again!”

“I think what I most benefitted from were two things: the section for introvert networking and the section focusing on emotional intelligence. Thank you.”

“Thank you for an eye-opening series on soft skills, professional networking and dressing for success. I most certainly realize now more than ever how much social soft skills really matter in the professional world. I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions and thank you for your guidance!”

“Thank you Angie for the confidence building and insightful soft skills classes, I truly appreciate you and everything we worked on together. I learned a lot about myself as well. Returning to the workplace will be a bit easier now that I’ve gained these valuable skills.”



Interview Skills

“I benefitted the most from the role play we did with actual interviews. Some of the questions were hard to answer quickly! That was really good practice for me for the real world. I also enjoyed understanding how to put together my resume correctly.”

“I wanted to tell you I got into the school of my choice! Your interview skills class helped me with the skills to be calm, confident and think through my answers. I just want to say thank you!”

“I would like to take another interview class before I start my job search next summer. All the exercises made me realize how important it is to be prepared for job interviews.”



Soft Skills & Dining Etiquette

“I never  thought about how my dining manners  matter. Now I realize  they matter. This was a great class to learn about dining skills, and also about good conversation skills.”

“The session on interpersonal communication really opened my eyes on how I come across and how others perceive me. Wow!”

“All of these topics were important to me: critical thinking, negotiating, thinking on my feet, making proper requests and giving good feedback.”

“I feel much more self-prepared and self-aware of how my language and gestures will make an impact in conversation.”

“Who knew there is more than one way to cut your food? I now know and will only practice one correct way, not a combination of two different ways!”

“I enjoyed learning the ways to properly dine when out socially. I’ll definitely be practicing these new skills at home. Thank you for a fun and informative workshop.”

“One of the most important things I learned today believe it or not, was how to receive a compliment graciously.”

“I enjoyed the sessions on learning to make small talk with many different types of people in many situations.”

“I now really understand how important it is to look other people in the eyes when you are in a conversation or meeting new people. I have a hard time with that but will be doing my best to improve. Thank you for teaching the importance of this.”

“One big thing I learned and will be practicing is to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘yah’. And to lose the um’s.”

“You did a great job today, I enjoyed all of it, and wouldn’t mind participating again.”

“I thought it would be a long afternoon with this workshop. But surprisingly it flew by! I had a great time, and I'll definitely be using these skills I learned today in my everyday life. Thank you!”


Parent Testimonials

“It is always amazing to me how much children absorb with so limited exposure. We have discussed the “four magic words” several times, and I have watched with great pride how she introduces herself with a deft handshake and full eye contact. Such pleasure, and thanks to you! Such a great idea for a class in etiquette. It should be mandatory.”

“Angie, thank you, I’ve certainly noticed his communication skills are blossoming!”

“She definitely benefited from your class. This evening at dinner, she asked for some butter for her french bread, and a bread plate as well. Quite the lady, thanks to you.”

“This evening at dinner my daughter did not reach across the table nor did she bother her brother. She showed us how to place her napkin. AND she thanked me for the meal!”

“My children told me after the workshop today they both want to come back again! Thank you Angie!”

“Etiquette is a lost art, and it’s wonderful to have Angie working with young children to teach them manners and proper behavior in social settings. We can try to teach them at home, but with everything, they listen much better to a teacher than to their own parents.”

“My daughter truly had a blast and wants to do this class again! You have a gift! If you can get her talking, I’ll sign her up a million times more. This is just what she needs. Thanks again.”