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October 26, 2022
World Kindness Day is November 13th
November 13, 2022

Please Hold The Door…

Imagine walking into a building a few feet behind someone, and as they open the door they don’t acknowledge you, nor do they hold the door for you.

Instead of stewing, tssking or making a snide comment, let it go and pass along this particular common courtesy to the person or group behind you.

Gestures of kindness and respect come in many forms. Holding the door for someone:

  • acknowledges them;
  • may be helpful;
  • can make someone smile or make their day.

When you extend this show of deference, mindfully assess the scenario:

  • if the person or people behind you has/have wheelchair, cane or crutch assistance, or has/have other physical issues, open the door wide and stand behind it so they can safely enter without possibly tripping or bumping into anything, or, press the Assistance Button and stand behind it (and repeat this if there is a second door);
  • if the person behind you is a parent/caregiver with a stroller or is tightly holding little ones’ hands, or their arms are carrying bags or groceries, the same applies (remember that in general it is a joyful experience for little ones to press the Assistance Button – so by all means have them press it if you get the signal from the parent/caregiver);
  • if the person or group behind you is/are within a few feet behind you, take a beat, smile and hold the door long enough for them to grab it behind you (and also repeat this if there is a second door).

Be sure to give your thanks and appreciation for those who accommodate you!

It only takes a moment or two of your day to extend kindness and politeness to others; passing it along is such a day brightener!