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October 19, 2022
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October 26, 2022

Elevator COP, Ins, Outs And Asks

Have you ever wondered about elevator etiquette and how to handle certain elevator scenarios with courtesy and graciousness? I’ve got some tips!

First, a few details. DYK: 

  • the panel outside the elevator with up and down keys is the Call Button;
  • the panel inside the elevator that contains the floor buttons, alarm button and security reader is called COP (Car Operating Panel);
  • the interior of the elevator is referred to as a carriage, car, cabin or cage.

Next, a few elevator etiquette pointers:

  • it’s polite to let people depart an elevator before you enter, especially if they:
    • require personal assistance, 
    • are busy with little ones and/or a stroller, 
    • have their arms filled with grocery bags, 
    • or are pulling luggage;
  • it’s a gesture of kindness to ask others what Floor Button you can push if you’re closest to the COP;
  • it can make someone’s day, who’s a few steps away, if you hold the elevator door or press on the Door Open button for them when they call out “Hold the elevator please”;
  • if you’re too far from the COP and no one has asked what Floor Button to push it’s fine to ask “Would you please press seven”;
  • a show of courtesy to others is to wait for the next elevator if you’re part of a big group going to a specific floor, or the elevator car looks to be fairly crowded.

Lastly, always remember please and thank you!