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June 2, 2017
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July 20, 2017

How To Be Grateful For Your June Joys

Aaah the month of June, it’s a very busy time of the year for many people. It’s a big month for graduations, weddings, interviewing, new jobs, changes in work schedules for summer work/life balance, summer camps and more.

While reflecting on your joyous occasions, make sure to set aside time to thank others for their thoughtfulness, sharing in your joy, or their time and consideration.

Regarding personal thank you notes. Whether you’ve just graduated or are newly married, as your gifts come in, have a list handy and write down what you received from your loved ones and friends. Each day, gather your lovely thank you notes, address labels, stamps and fountain pen, and take some time to reflect on your momentous occasion – how much it means to you that your loved ones and friends share and support in your celebration, and how thoughtful and special they are to you. Let them know that you’ll think of them each time you use your new cookware, or that you’re excited to shop for your new apartment with their generous gift card, or that you can’t wait to begin grilling with your new platters.

Camp counselors work hard all summer for a fun learning experience for all their campers. Have your children bring a handwritten thank you note on the last day of camp, to let their counselors know how much fun they had, and how much they learned and accomplished. In addition encourage your children to thank their counselors each day as well!

When it comes to professional thank you notes, it’s important to show your appreciation in all sorts of business situations. If your boss has agreed to accommodate your need to work at home more often this summer, write him a note or an email, expressing your appreciation for his openness to change up your schedule, and promise him it will be a seamless transition. As you’re interviewing for your summer job or new career, be sure to send each hiring manager you meet with, a note of gratefulness for their time, how much you hope to be part of their team, and the skill sets you’ll bring to their company to help make a difference.

You can write your thank you notes from just about anywhere…your kitchen table, the train or ferry ride home, on a flight, on the couch, in your favorite patio chair, at your desk… A few moments of your lovely June days will be well spent by thanking those who have helped make your joy happen!