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June 28, 2017
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Traveling This Summer?

Happy Summer! While it’s high summer travel season, it’s always good to be reminded of ways you can be courteous and respectful of others as you’re on your way to your summer destination fun. Be it an airplane, train, taxi, car, ride sharing or other transportation mode, showing consideration to other passengers helps for a calmer, less hectic trip. While these travel tips are re-posted from our December 2015 Holiday Travel Manners blog, they’re also applicable for summer travels:


  • Practice elevator courtesy. Hold the elevator door open for others when entering or exiting. There are a lot of bags, luggage, strollers and wheelchairs that need to fit in a small space and move quickly.
  • Be polite with waiting area seats. Don’t set your purse or bag on the seat next to you in the waiting area – keep the seat open for another person to sit there. Keep your legs close to your body not all sprawled – you don’t want to accidentally trip someone, nor do you want to prevent someone getting past you.
  • Be prepared. Take a moment before you get into the security and check-in lines. Have your ID, ticket, stroller check, passport and any other documents out and handy so you can quickly give to the ticket agent, and keep the passengers behind you moving quickly.
  • Take turns. Your boarding pass tells you when you can board. Be respectful of those who are boarding ahead of you and don’t crowd the boarding area if it’s not your turn.
  • Be mindful of delicate items. When loading your luggage into the overhead bin, be respectful of the other items in stowaway when placing yours. There might be a breakable item inside, or a garment bag with freshly pressed clothes.
  • Step aside. Be mindful that others are trying to get to their seats. When organizing your seat area, step inside and don’t block the aisle.
  • Keep your conversations private. Do you really need to Face Time or talk on the speaker phone while you’re in the boarding line, walking down the aisle or sitting in your seat? Please be courteous to others (and keep this to a minimum) if you must.
  • Take a look. Glance behind you when reclining your seat – the person seated behind you may have just placed an item on her tray that can easily be tipped over.
  • No spreading germs. Cough or sneeze into your elbow away from others, not into the seat in front of you nor in the aisle.
  • No sprawling. Keep your feet and legs to yourself, not in the aisles or on the armrests (gasp) ahead of you, or spread wide while you’re sitting. A transportation seat is not your sofa.
  • Be aware of those around you. When listening or watching on your PCD, please use ear buds.
  • What about those elbows? Keep them to your sides when dining or using your device. Being poked by an elbow can be startling and painful, as well as rude.
  • Keep your conversation level low. This goes for whether you’re speaking to someone across the aisle or in the next row, or in the airport waiting area.
  • Be a peaceful traveler. Don’t be a constant window shutter or tray slammer.

Enjoy your summer travels!