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March 3, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Why Good Posture Is Important During Meetings (Including Virtual)

Good posture. Besides being a health benefit, good posture also conveys a host of other important non-verbal body language signals.

For instance having good posture expresses: confidence, competence, self-assurance, energy and focus. You appear more engaged and open/adaptable to the conversation/meeting, as well as more trustworthy. Others will feel you’re truly listening and are actively interested in the topic(s) at hand.

Whether you’re at a standing desk or seated in these days of Zoom meetings, mindful posture should include: square your shoulders back and down, position your chin and neck up, have your arms out a little (so others can see your gestures – and that you’re not on other devices), distribute your upper and lower body evenly, keep your feet flat.

Remember to give yourself a break every so often: stretch, practice the Four Count Breaths (four counts in, four counts out), walk around for a bit, roll your shoulders forward and back, take an exercise break if you can.