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January 29, 2021
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March 19, 2021

Are You Missing Small Talk In Your Virtual Meetings?

As humans, in general we enjoy connecting with others, professionally and personally. In the (not so long ago) days of business meetings conducted in person, Small Talk more than likely played a part. We easily chatted about our weekends, upcoming vacations, a new workout regime or a home renovation project. In our current era of Zoom (or other virtual meetings), Small Talk probably has gone by the wayside. On a screen filled with your co-workers’ faces on squares, people oftentimes feel awkward having discussions beyond the meeting agenda.

But conversing in a personal sense is bonding, inclusive and fosters camaraderie. And is fun. If you’re missing this connection with your co-workers, why not resurrect “time” for Small Talk? Build it into the end of your group meeting, after the agenda is complete. Whether for a few minutes or 15, this designated time gives your team members the option to stay and chat, and to casually leave as needed. Perhaps ending a meeting with Small Talk could alleviate Zoom Fatigue by sparking a little energy and laughter to help carry on with the rest of your work day, or to the next Zoom meeting!