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May 31, 2023
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Fourth Of July Barbecue Host Gift Ideas

Headed to a Fourth of July barbecue over the long weekend? Wondering about what to bring, or need ideas for a Fourth Of July Barbecue host gift?

When you RSVP to your host and are thanking them for the invite, this is the best time to ask what you can bring. They may have something in mind; if so they more than likely have something in mind for each of their other guests as well. Hence it’s courteous to show up with their (menu planning) request: “A cold pasta salad would be great, thanks so much!” or “We just love your family recipe for red potato salad, how does that sound?”

If their answer is something to the effect of: “Oh, no need to bring anything, we’ve got everything covered. We are looking forward to seeing you!” it’s thoughtful to bring something, well, thoughtful. Be mindful that your hosts will be busy tending to details and hosting throughout the event, thus consider something they can use at a later time.

With it being the Fourth of July and full-on summer, there are countless fun ideas. Festive summer themed cocktail napkins or coasters, a package of sweet treats, a dessert coffee, a small vase (already with water) of blooms from your flower garden, a small unique grill or cooking utensil, a summer themed salt and pepper shaker, summer themed hand towels, homemade jelly in a jar, gourmet nuts, a toy or bandana for their pet…

Whatever you bring be cognizant that your host is not obligated to open your gift in the moment. Greet them, and say something like, “We’re so glad to be here, thank you for having us. Here’s a little something for you; please enjoy later this summer, or later this week.”

Happy Fourth, All; be safe and have fun!