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October 26, 2015
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Are You Humble And Gracious With Apologies?

For some people, making or accepting an apology is difficult. We may not want to admit we’re wrong or we may still be upset with the person who makes the apology. No matter how you feel, showing civility and graciousness with an “I’m sorry” shows your decency and respect for the other person.

Consider these points the next time you apologize or an apology is made to you:

  • Look the other person in the eye and apologize with a full sentence. “I am sorry for…”
  • It’s okay to admit you’re wrong.
  • Never apologize with an excuse or a blame.
  • Make your apology and move on.
  • When presented with an apology, accept it with decorum. “I accept your apology.”
  • Don’t accept the apology with a negative statement – move forward in the relationship.

It takes a big person to make, accept and move on with an apology. Be that big person.