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November 3, 2020
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Sometimes All It Takes Is A Simple Phone Call…

Have you ever felt like you just didn’t get your message across in the chain of emails to your co-worker, or in the series of texts to a friend? Have you ever read an email or a text from someone, asked for further clarification, and still felt you didn’t understand? Then there’s auto correct, use of punctuation, abbreviations, response times, emojis – or not.

In these days of remote working, social distancing at the office, staying close to home and communicating via devices, messaging can go awry without intention. Sometimes it’s just better to pick up the phone and have a live conversation. Hearing another person’s voice, and their voice inflections, more than likely will further convey and clarify meaning that may have been misconstrued or misunderstood in writing.

While speaking by phone has a level of generational comfort (or not), – and yes, you may have to use greetings and make small talk – sometimes a simple phone call is all you need to make your message “heard”. And it feels nice to connect voice to voice.