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Nine Ways To Keep Your Spirit In Check At The Holiday Office Party

Holiday cheer and festivities galore are in the air! One of the many events most of us attend is the Holiday Office Party. Whether you’re in management, an employee, or a spouse or guest, remember that the Office Party is really an extended part of the workday. Here are some ways to keep the Holiday Office Party spirits in check:


  • Name tags. If the entire company will be in attendance and some departments don’t normally work together, name tags are great as a conversation opener, and useful in case your mind goes blank with someone’s name.
  • Mingling. It’s always fun meeting new people, and the Holiday Office Party is a perfect way to do so. When introducing yourself or making conversation, have a few polite ice breakers about holiday plans, other holiday events around town, or holiday traveling in your back pocket. Keep the conversations light, cheery and topical, and make sure you and your companions keep your circle open and inviting for others to join.
  • Photos. Perhaps a company photographer is on site, or co-workers are taking pics. Smile, be natural and show your festive side! If you keep your behavior in check there will never be an opportunity for someone to snap a shot of you in an uncompromising position or embarrassing situation. If you’re the company photographer and want to post on social media, ask people if they’re okay with it, and take note and be respectful of those who don’t wish to have their photos posted.
  • Partaking. So many choices! Appetizers, alcohol, desserts…you’ll have no regrets if you practice “everything in moderation”. If you’re starving beforehand have a little something before you arrive. One drink, two at most.
  • Confidentialities. Just because you’re away from the office doesn’t mean all private information goes out the window. Be that trusted co-worker who keeps confidences and can always be trusted with business or professional information.
  • Gossip. Plain and simple just don’t. No matter how tempting – even by just listening you’re participating. If you find yourself in this predicament find a way to subtly and positively change the direction of the conversation, or excuse yourself from the group.
  • Attire. Dressing with a little sparkle and shine is just fine; remember the moderation rule. Dress appropriately, not over the top or too revealing. If this is your first Office Party with the company, ask a co-worker or your boss for suggestions or advice.
  • Dancing. Have a good time out there busting a move – just be mindful about how far you go. Monday morning always follows the Holiday Party.
  • Timeliness and Thankfulness. Arrive on time and thank the hosts and caterers upon arriving; let them know you’re looking forward to a festive evening, or how beautiful the food presentation is. As you find it’s “closing time”, try to find them again and tell them what a wonderful evening it was, how much you enjoyed the desserts, or that you thought the playlist was excellent. Don’t linger or be the last one to leave, the hosts or service people will need to clean up and want to get home at a decent hour too.

Happy Holidays!