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December 9, 2021
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Neighborly Kindness & Empathy (Especially During The Holidays)

“I think being a neighbor starts with kindness and empathy. You don’t have to show up with a fresh apple pie or anything like that. It’s just making somebody feel welcome.” – Chris Loggins

Exactly. Whether for a neighbor figuratively or literally, kindness and empathy go a very long way toward others. The last 18+ months have been challenging, heartbreaking and stressful for everyone around the globe. This holiday season, take a walk in any of your neighbor’s shoes and think to yourself “what kindness can I show them?”

❄️A smile
❄️A hug
❄️Lend a hand
❄️Help out, large or small favors
❄️Hold the door open
❄️Run an errand for them
❄️Show gratitude
❄️Make time for big or small things
❄️Say hello, good morning
❄️Let someone go ahead or step back (in line, traffic, elevator)
❄️Ask them to join you
❄️Play a game or music

The opportunities are endless…kindness, empathy and being neighborly do matter. What ways can you add?