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January 21, 2022
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April 13, 2022

How Is Your Day Going So Far?

Chances are, you find yourself answering with a little more detail when someone asks “How is your day going so far?” versus “How are you?”.

Small Talk Hack: 👆 is more of a social interaction question versus a social well-being question. Hence it can lean into Small Talk or serve as a solid conversation starter. Yes, it’s a little more personal and yes, it’s one of more genuine interest. A depth in response is contingent on the setting; detail is up to you and there is no one specific answer expected. “My day is going well, thank you, how is yours going?” is a good one for someone in the grocery store line or doctor’s office. “Today has been awesome; I just booked a trip to my favorite beach and got an excellent deal. How’s your day?” lends itself well to beginning a chat with a co-worker or new neighbor.

If your day is not going so well, again, your response is contingent on the setting. “It’s going okay, how is yours?” or “It’s been up and down, I’m ready for a great meal though. How about your day?” works well for the restaurant host. “So far so good, what about yours?” or “Unfortunately I got a speeding ticket earlier today; but how is your day going?” when chatting with the dental hygienist.

I hope your day is going well so far!