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Harmony At The Health Club

When you join a health club, a membership coordinator or sales associate normally gives you a tour of the facilities, answers your general questions, and acquaints you with specific club rules and expectations.

However, what about those unspoken rules? Those of general health club etiquette. As a fitness nut myself, I frequently get asked about this topic, and want to share the most common issues.

Device Use
– Be courteous about using your device if you absolutely have to have it with you while at the club. If you must make a call or send a text, discreetly step out of class or away from the equipment or workout area, so as not to disrupt or disturb other members. Otherwise put your device away in your bag or locker, and enjoy your workout – device free!

Small Talk
– Class setting: it’s fine to check with your neighbor about what equipment is needed, how challenging she thinks the class is, or chat with your friend about a restaurant you think is amazing prior to class. However once the session commences, it’s polite to listen to the instructor, take note of class expectations, get your gear together, and be engaged in your workout.

– Gym or workout area: If you’re on a piece of equipment next to someone who has his ear buds in or who’s watching his screen, that’s a sign he’s clearly focused on his workout and more than likely not inclined to chit chat. If you haven’t been trained on or are having trouble with a certain machine, feel free to ask a club trainer or staff member for help, not another club member –especially if he’s fully engaged in his workout.

– While for many people going to the club is a social time, be considerate of others during workout time (whether in class or the gym area) and save conversations for a pre or post workout in the café or elsewhere – where you can fully engage and not disturb other members.

Spatial Awareness
– Oh no, class is filling up fast and it doesn’t start for another 10 minutes! If the instructor hasn’t pointed to an open space when you walk in, or people look like they’re already squeezed together, be mindful of their space. Perhaps you could try another class or do a different workout – it can be fun to mix up your workout routine once in awhile!

Class Timeliness
– Occasionally there will be times when you’re running a few minutes behind and get to class late, or you have to leave early. When this happens, be mindful of spatial awareness when arriving; as well as being discreet, respectful of others, and quick to put away equipment when leaving early.

Thank You and Have A Great Day
– Your instructor or trainer enjoys teaching as much as you enjoy taking the class or training. Thank him or her for an excellent session or workout. In addition, acknowledging the front desk staff or cashiers with a thanks, and wishes for a wonderful rest of day is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone – and is a great feel good!