Ascertaining Social Decisions During Pandemic/Post Pandemic
June 23, 2021
Sympathy In The Workplace
September 1, 2021

Foster A Solid, Cohesive Team At The Office

What makes for a solid, cohesive team at the office? First and foremost, your team thrives on relationship building and engagement. When you respect, trust and care for each other, you ensure a solid platform from which to build. Hence everyone on your team feels comfortable in engaging. How to nurture this?

– Let others know you value and have faith in them, their abilities and their capabilities.
– Create an environment for others to thoughtfully exchange ideas and ask questions.
– Respect each other’s views even if you disagree.
– Find ways to compromise.
– Brainstorm methods to streamline better – together – in order to reach goals and have greater successes.
– Foster creativity.
– Compliment each other’s achievements.
– Lift others up when they’re feeling down, or have had a challenging day.
– Apologize, and accept apologies.
– Learn from each other.
– Lean in to learn from mistakes.
– Reach out when you need assistance or more time to complete a project.
– Ask others how they are.

And remember, please and thank you go a long way.