Kindness, Honor, Respect, Courtesy, Etiquette…And Fun At Concerts
July 6, 2023
Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest…
August 31, 2023

Enjoy The Show!

The summer movie season is full on! Do you enjoy a show that’s an action-packed blockbuster, a rom-com, drama, a Sci-Fi, a documentary, a film noire? Do you relish seeing your favorite actor or all films in general?

There’s been much ado in the media lately about movie patrons needing to show more civility and respect in theaters. Whether you’re seeing a show with stadium seating or in a small intimate theater, these tips can help for an overall more positive and pleasant experience for everyone, yourself included:

  • Arrive before the show starts so you have enough time to get your treats and take your seats before the lights dim;
  • If you’re tall try to reserve or take a seat toward the back so as not to block smaller people’s views;
  • Open your snacks before the movie starts, to not disturb others with package and box unwrapping;
  • Be mindful of quiet eating and drinking;
  • If you’re at a theatre where it’s open seating, sit next to your friends and family, don’t leave a seat between each of you, so as to make room for others;
  • Your shoes, socks or sandals should stay on the entire time;
  • Make sure your legs and feet are on your chair recliner or on the floor: not on your seat, the drink/snack pull out tray, nor on or through the seats in front of you;
  • Place your personal belongings such as purse or backpack next to you, in your seat or under your seat, not in the seat next to you or on the floor in front of you;
  • Set your phone on silent once the announcement comes up to do so;
  • When the lights go down and the trailers are up, it’s time to keep your voice down and not disturb others with loud talking;
  • Share the armrest as best you can with your neighbors, and check that your elbows are kept close to your body;
  • If you must walk past patrons who are already seated, try to walk at an angle so as not to bump them;
  • On that note, if someone is walking past you in your row, turn your knees and legs the direction the person is walking to give them space to move past you;
  • Throw your trash in the bins as you leave.

Most of all, enjoy the show!