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November 22, 2022
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December 28, 2022

Company Holiday Parties Are Back!

’Tis the holiday season – and do you hear the buzz, anticipation and excitement for your company’s holiday party?! Whether at an employee’s home, after hours in the conference room, or at an outside venue, it’s more than likely that it’s been several years since you’ve celebrated together with your team. Need a few reminders?

  • Make sure to RSVP promptly and with consideration: sometimes a Plus One is included on the invitation and sometimes not. If you already have plans let your team know, and if time allows perhaps you could drop in for a little while prior to your other event. 
  • Keep in mind that while a company holiday party is optional, the intent is to celebrate the merry season with all employees in a welcome and cheery setting. 
  • Plan your festive attire well in advance – and add a little sparkle and color!
  • Know what the party theme is when planning your arrival time. Is it more casual such as an open house with cocktails and appetizers? Come anytime during the designated party hours and try to stay for at least an hour. Is it an evening event that includes a cocktail hour along with dinner and perhaps entertainment? Here plan to arrive during cocktail hour so that you’re timely for the dinner and can participate (at least for a little while) in the merriment for later in the evening.
  • Thank the host, team and/or coordinators as you see them: they worked hard behind the scenes planning and overseeing the menu, beverages, decorations, venue, catering staff. Thank the coat check team, servers and bussers. 
  • Smile, and mingle with others out of your regular circle, whether you’re a social butterfly or you prefer chatting with a smaller group of people. Be inclusive of those around you, especially if there are Plus Ones. Have fun getting to know others a little more personally, and keep it light and casual. Remember that while in essence a company holiday party is an extension to your workday it’s good practice not to talk shop.  
  • Eat and drink in moderation. Try to have a little to eat before you leave the house so you’re not famished upon arrival.
  • Carry your beverage (non-alcohol or alcohol) in your left hand if possible for ease in shaking hands, and keep your phone in your pocket or bag.
  • Apply discretion and tact: no gossip and no revealing any personal or professional confidential information – reminder that even just by listening you’re participating.
  • Ask others if it’s okay to take group photos, and never post company pics on your personal social media.
  • Ready to leave? Let your group know how much you enjoyed spending time with them. Find your party planners and express your appreciation for the occasion, perhaps with an added detail of how much you enjoyed the special dessert or great entertainment. 
  • Send a written note of thanks if your boss or another employee opened up their home for the occasion.

Most of all be yourself and enjoy the merry season! 🎄