Founded in 2010, Daily Protocol® is based in Sacramento, CA.

For youth, we deliver programs of diplomacy and poise, interpersonal communication, and three-course dining etiquette. All workshops are highly engaging, with hands-on, active participation including role play, games and activities.



Walk Into That Interview With Confidence!

“Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” - Sonya Parker

Perhaps you’re looking for a summer job, or maybe you need part-time work during the school year. To land that perfect job, there are certain skills sets needed to distinguish yourself from all the other candidates - including interpersonal skills to interview online or in-person.

Join our Teen Job Interview Skills Workshop and learn: Proper Interview Preparation and Research; Résumé and Cover Letter Writing; and Follow-Up. In addition: Critical Communication (personal and technology-focused); Proper Attire; Interview Expectations; Thank You Notes; and First Days On The Job. You are welcome to bring your current résumé to class.

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A Fun Approach To Social Self-Awareness And Finessed Dining Skills

“Grounded as it is in timeless principles, etiquette enables us to face whatever the future may bring with strength of character and integrity.” – Emily Post

Intuitive social skills bring confidence and ease in anticipating new situations in daily life as well as your future. In addition, excellent interpersonal communication skills, social self-awareness and savvy dining skills help pave the way to social success.

Specifically designed to meet these needs, our Teen Interpersonal Communication And Dining Etiquette Workshop includes: Meet, Greet and Introduction Essentials (including pandemic etiquette); Meaningful and Polite Conversation; Personal Communication Essentials; Active Listening. In addition: Table Posture and Appropriate Dining Manners; Napkin and Utensil Essentials; Three-Course Dining, Pausing and Finishing Etiquette.

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Memorable And Impressionable Manners

“A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.” – Eeyore

Wonderful manners begin with confidence in knowing how and what to do in all kinds of social situations. Manners are memorable, make lasting impressions and help others feel at ease.

For 7-11 year olds, our Children’s Social Etiquette and Dining Skills Workshop offers: The Importance of Etiquette and Manners; Meet, Greet and Introduction Essentials (including pandemic etiquette); Mannerly Conversations; The Secrets of A Polite Diner; Table Posture, Napkin and Utensil Protocol; Dining, Pausing and Finishing Etiquette for Three-Course Dining.

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