Send Your New Employees To The Next Level

Your company has hired a phenomenal young group of new talent, and you’re excited to have them on board. Are you ready to have them lunch and make small talk with your clients? Do they know whom to introduce first, and how? Can they put together a concise meeting brief? Do they have the poise and know-how to attend a department-wide meeting or industry trade conference?

You know your new hires have the skills and talent to help the business grow – that’s why you hired them. However, being fresh and inexperienced in the business world, these new employees need to learn certain expected professional codes of conduct and behavior in the workplace and in client environments. Daily Protocol can help them get a jumpstart on business civilities that matter, and that will always affect your bottom line: workplace etiquette.

In our active-based and applied workshops we meld old world decencies with today’s soft skills – enabling these new employees to help your company to grow from the inside out. They’ll learn the significance and impact of: Personal Presentation; General Meeting Etiquette; Wardrobe and Hygeine Expectations; Appropriate Digital Communication; Business Dining Etiquette; Company and Client Socializing; and more. Get Your Business Etiquette On! Presented by Daily Protocol.

“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.” – Jack Welch